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comicstrip for Friday , April 16 , 2004


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Lars Havemann Lars Havemann - author and artist

I'm big in Japan

This sunday I'm heading for Japan. I will be in Tokyo for a month and therefore I won't be able to update the site.
You wouldn't have expected that anyway? Heyhey... I AM working  on a new strip. I wanted it to be finished  before my departure, but things like preparations, a page for the Girlyprov and my birthday prevented me from doing so.

I'm especially sorry that I didn't manage to draw my filler-comic for Night & Day. Gloria, you didn't even know that I wanted to make one, but I actually started to draw a nice little idea I had. I' sorry, but I hadn't the time to finish. In general it's mostly you that makes me feel bad about not updating the comic... you have such a nice text about my comic on your links-page... I wanted to return that kindness. I'm sorry. You'll get some fanart by me some day! ^^

What's that trip to Japan about anyway, you ask?
Well, since I finished japanese course on university I just need to practice on someone. And who would be more fitting for that job then my nice penpal?
I'm trying to learn as much as I can and to spend as much money as I can.

Hm, I'm not in a talkative mood today. Gotta live with that.
You can look up my stuff at the Stuff-section and talk to my nice friends at the Gordo Forum while I'm away.
For all you guys out there who are into this stuff, I have a little personality test ready.
Which character of Rick Saturo - The onlinecomic are you?
Most of the people tend to be the assistant. He just is the most normal person in the cast...

Lars Havemann

Rick Saturo and his staff are products of the twisted mind of Lars Havemann
Don't you copy or hotlink any of this without my permission, you creep!

english translations were done by Will

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