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The cast

Rick Saturo
Rick Saturo
age:    27

profession:    musician (rock, hardrock), lyrics, guitar
what he likes:    a good blowjob in the morning, coffee (much and strong), cigarettes, booze
what he hates:    having to work for money, stress in any form (includes moving)
Arthur Lovat
Arthur Lovat
age:    52

profession:    manager
what he likes:    things going smoothly, good music, money
what he doesn't like:    problems, stress, Rick (sometimes)

The groupie
age:    you don't want to know... (and she won't tell you anyway!)

profession:    groupie
what she likes:    Rick, blowing Rick
what she doesn't like:    being told what to do

Ass The assistant (ass)
age:    18

profession:    personal assistant
what he likes:    the groupie, Rick, music
what he doesn't like:    -   

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