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Welcome to the stuff section. Here you can find stuff, artworks and fanart(finally).
Click on the pictures to enlarge them and feel free to email me or use the forum .

Rick Saturo-related art

The first artwork I did for RS. The 'PlayRick'-images comes in two versions: blue standard background or white background. The white one is a little smaller. One day I want that on a T-shirt!

The groupie animation comes in 4 versions. The best  is the small black one.

The groupie wearing a kimono. I began this picture as a sketch for another picture, which never saw the light of day.  I tried a new coloring technique on the kimono. I really hate coloring.

A pic I did for one of the forumites from the Wendy forum. Groupie really likes the little goombah!
I love the color on this one!

The first sketch of the gangster trio. These guys exist! I have to draw them recognizeable, or else they beat me up! Honestly!

The groupie strikes back: three gangster dudes and a little girl!
Finally colored. I tried wet edges brush-style.

Don't ask. If you know Happa-tai and the Yatta-song, you'll understand. Don't ask.

A doodle which came out pretty good. You'll notice that Rick actually wears clothing. Yeah! That's his stage outfit. He looks good in pants, doesn't he?
2 pics: with and without background.

Rick and the groupie in front of blue sky. Beautiful coloring! I made three wallpapers:

It's Valentine's Day, folks. Hey, look! They can wear other clothes, too!
Three Versions:


It's Leila, the TMS-character the groupie is based on. Very nice coloring!

RS#42 sure is one of the most attractive strips I did. Mostly because of the two reasons to the left. WARNING: NUDITY! ^_^

The most colorful picture of the groupie since the pink Goombah-pic! This  was a quicky where I tried a new method of hardedge coloring after a long time of coloring pseudo-realistic style. Don't ask about her clothes.

The groupie again. This time she has fun playing some beach-volleyball. In four weeks of being in Photoshop-hell, I cranked out multiple versions.

You can easily guess from where I took the inspiration for this. It came out nicely. I tried a simplified version of the technique I used on the Aika-picture and it didn't take long at all. Yay!

Not much to say about this. Groupie in a pajama. I love girls in pajamas!
Want to do something for me? Draw me girls in pajamas!^^

I drew this 45 minutes on the back of a test. I didn't know a single answer. You can even see the letters through the paper, if you look closely. The girl is someone you will meet in future RS-strips. Look at her eye!

A dreamy picture of the groupie and the assistant lying on the roof. I like that picture. I drew it for a 'romance'-thread on the Gordo Forum. 44kb

I had this lying around way too long. Recently I got it out of the drawer and colored it for a coloring tutorial I made. It's not finished yet. I'll probably get at the pic again.

This is not a drawing as you might see. It's a modified photo of the gangster Nico from my movie 'Der Koffer' I imported the three gangsters from.

Random art

A sketch of a female character for a story which I never began. I practiced drawing lips here.
Maybe you will see her again in RS

The same pic colored in two variants. Blue standard background and white background.

A colored sketch of my Shadowrun© character, Hauser.
FUD: Poison dart gun
KLANG: artificial legs

A pencil drawing of a hideous creature, definitely inspired by Resident Evil and Spiderman (Carnage).

A pencil drawing of a creature I want to sculpt and duplicate in foam latex one day. I have several drawings of this one and I even did a few plaster busts of it. Name is 'Ars Anatomica'.

Well, that's me. Sort of. I did the sketch for a special make up-seminary. Never did this make up, instead I made a new chin and nose for myself.

 An overflow of female and  lack of male nudity on the WendyForum's misc art section made me draw this. I got a loooot of compliments for that butt!

It's Cheesemonster, the hideous hump of cheese from the WF! He gets eaten so many times... I couldn't resist!

Here we have Juxtapose from the WendyForum. A drawing made for a picture pool where everyone draws someone and gets drawn by someone other.

Picture Pool 2 on the WendyForum: Behold my depiction of KleSt, the greatest perverse force on the board! WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT

My first fanart. It's Lord Woot from the hilarious EOI . He is one of the 'Eternal Sweepers' and normally a really nice guy! I decided to draw him in a threatening manner though.

Aika is one of the characters created by the amazingly talented Rings.
He always does requests at the Gordo Forum and I did this in return. I'm very proud of the coloring!

An experiment. Dan Kim of Clone Manga posted a tutorial on his art-sytle and I tried it. I think I failed and I don't like this picture very much. Look for yourself.

The colored version of a picture by MadMachineX, who unfortunately has no page for his stuff. Meanwhile you can find him on the Gordo Forum. He's a master of anatomy and sexy women!

A fanart I did for Dominic Deegan - Oracle for hire by Michael Terracciano. I didn't send it to him yet, because I wanted to color it first, but hey... My first finished digital inking.

A special picture drawn in a special mood.


My first fanart by KleST from the WF! Yay! It has me and the groupie. What do you need more?

WF's DestyNova shocked me with this illustrations of my true nature. How could he know that much?

DPsycho (WF) created this fine piece of art of me creating fine piece of art...

Can you feel the warm breeze? It's a beautiful day on the coast and the plane will start any minute now. The sun is shining.
Black Raven (WF) shows what I like besides shooting people...

Who is that guy? A scary nightmare pic by Poison. I gotta do something about that guy!

Not really fanart but a guest appearance of me (or my avatar Norman) in Nobody loves the Whiner , a fine comic by Christian X, the guy I made the RS promostrip for. I would have never given away my coat!

KleSt, the supreme master of hentai and creator of The Nameless Story , made this cute pic of the groupie going to war. What the groupie has to do with war... I don't know. Just think of her being on a mission for Rick ^_^


Another piece of fanart from my fellow KleSt from The Nameless Story . The very first hentai pic of ME! He refused to make use of the nose as I told him though...^_^
WARNING: hardcore pic

An excellent an funny piece of guest art by Josh Sortelli of Elf Only Inn .
The task was so challenging I immediately did a coloring of it.
165kb / 93kb

A very cool fanart by the hardworking genius behind Night & Day, Gloria H. Manderfeld alias Isahn C. Envac. The comic is a very interesting  sci-fi-story and the art is great check it out!

Here's a rather explicit picture of the groupie. It has been drawn by Rings, the creator of Aika. The cuteness of his style is legendary!
WARNING: sexually explicit

A gift for me by Rings. Not only the picture, but its content too...



I once drew a picture  using two characters of an unfinished comic of mine. The comic's name is 'First' and the two characters are Kenji and Noriko. Remi Perron of Treasure Hunters was so kind to color my lineart.
WARNING: sexually explicit


A Rick Saturo screensaver by Zodiac!! Yay! It's more a trailer or teaser than a screensaver, because it reflects all aspects of Rick Saturo and it's fun to watch! Click right and save link!

A Rick Saturo promo strip I did for a website that unfortunately shut down right after I finished the darn thing. This strip took me 2 weeks to finish. It is supposed to display the 'essence' of RS. The silhouette and it's text has been added by Christian X of Nobody loves the Whiner .

TPE7: My first coloring job for 'The Path's End' by Josh Sortelli, the creative mastermind behind Elf Only Inn . Unfortunately Josh decided to put the project on a hold. I hope he'll revive it...

Two strips I drew around May 2002 as the beginning of a 32 strip-storyline. I then decided that it's too early for big character development and did 'For a roomful of cotton' instead.
54kb /

ALI & ATZE: I made 5 pages while doing Rick Saturo then I realised, that I can't do both. They're characters from my school days. Most of the time they slaughter annoying children and drink booze. For their webcomic I set them into the TMS-setting.
Available: Page 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
187kb /
203kb /
240kb /

A guest strip made for KleSt's ' The Nameless Story '. This one took me a while because I drew every element separately. I didn't imitate KleSt's style, but tried to stay true to it. It's the first time I mastered the anime style and so I used anime style coloring. Lettered strip can be found on KleSt's site.

A little animation. Norman, my Avatar.


LIFE OF LARS: This startet out as filler strips for RS, but I really like the format and so you may see more of those in the future. #3 is fucking HUGE
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

RINGO & ICHIGO: A comic about two... see for yourself.
It's japanese, but the concept is that everyone should understand it.
1 / 2

Hard stuff - you've been warned...

Shidarezakura and Morrigan from the Wendy Forum. They play those games sometimes... Grace from the WF did this terrific coloring job. I love it! She absolutely hit my taste in the depiction of blood and gore!
110kb / 253kb

A hentai fanart I did for KleSt's The Nameless Story . Tita and Seth 'gaining experience'.... I tried to copy KleSt's style here. It came out that mixing styles can be difficult...             hardcore pic!

One night Maize84 from the RPGworld forum sat down an drew about one hundred RPGworld hentai pics. When he published them on KleSt's board and asked for cleaning up his pencil work and some coloring, I took one picture and did my best.
19kb / 70kb

8 hours of drawing, redrawing and inking, 14 hours of coloring... definitely one of my best works ever. The gorgious groupie in action.
hardcore pic!
76kb /
 54kb /
36kb /

This one is actually very old. It is the oldest RS-related hentai pic, but I never finished coloring it. I now think the unfinished look is very good and I decided to show this to public. Look at Rick's ass!
WARNING: sexual content

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