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About the artist

Lars Havemann was born 1980 in Lüneburg, Schleswig Holstein in the north of Germany. He lived there till 1988, then he moved to...
blablabla... nobody cares about that!

What kind of guy is this Lars? I think that's the question anyone who comes in here wants to have answered.
Well, first of all, I like comics, movies (especially the phantastic genre) and games, like probably everyone reading onlinecomics.

I strongely believe that you can judge people by the movies they buy. So here are some of my favorites:

 The Terminator, Hellraiser, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Exorcist, Tremors, The Thing, Mallrats, The Killer, Evil Dead, The DEAD-trilogy, Dragon Half, Tenchi Muyo, Perfect Blue, Love Hina, Princess Mononoke, Hot Shots 2, Emperors New Groove, Edward Scissorhands and The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain.

In the comic sector it is mainly manga for me, although I pretty much respect everyone creating this kind of art.
 I own: Video girl Ai, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Oh! My Goddess, Ranma 1/2 and Battle Angel Alita and lately I enjoy Love Hina

I simply like good storytelling. That's why a good friend of mine, Will (he is doing the translations for me now), could infect me with onlinecomics. Sluggy Freelance started it all and is still  on top of my list. Back in school days I drew a lot. It is a mistery, perhaps you know it for yourself: many people which have the talent to draw do it only when they've got nothing better to do, when they're bored. I never drew at home, never invested more time in it than the math lessons. My art course, which was a major of mine, sucked the hell and taught me nothing useful at all. When the school was over in 2000, I immediately stopped drawing.

This changed when I went to school again in 2001. Back in that time I worked in a hairdressers salon and had to visit a hairdresser class. I did this to become a make up artist one day.  You have to be a hairdresser first to become 'maskenbildner' in germany. Don't ask me about that time. It's embarassing. I quit 2002.
While sitting in my class the plan was born to do an own webcomic. I asked two friends of mine if they want to join. The plan was, to create three or more webcomics on one site, the creators helping each others. For some reasons this didn't work out so I went on alone. I drew strips, did some mindwork and informed myself  for about 4 month until I got the guts to start.

So, that's it. I could write far more, but nobody would read all that garbage!
Thanks to everyone who is still reading at this point. Every creator of art needs feedback and a hug from time to time, and he needs the feeling that the stuff he creates appeals to someone. As long as I have this feeling, I will continue to do comics.
Thank you.

Lars Havemann
age:    22

hobbies:                phantastic stories (comics, movies, books,                                     roleplay, games), special make up effects,                                     making movies
favorit movie:        many, but in this moment it's The fabulous                                     destiny of Amelie Poulain (Jeunet)
favorit comics:    Video Girl Ai, Love Hina, Transmetropolitan,                                                                                          Blame
                                                         fav rp system :      Hunter: The Reckoning, Adventure
                                                         fav webcomic :     Sluggy Freelance

People, I admire:  
Tom Savini, make up artist, my idol

Pete Abrams, webcomic artist (Sluggy Freelance), for his writing skills

Michael Poe, webcomic artist (exploitation now), for his drawing skills

Josh Lesnick, webcomic artist (Wendy, Cutewendy), for doing his thing, his humor

Masakazu Katsura, comic artist (Video Girl Ai, DNA²), for being able to draw the cutest girls of the world

About the comic

Information: I currently have 3 projects. RICK SATURO , ALI & ATZE and TMS. You know Rick Saturo, but what are the other two?
Ali & Atze is a comic I've already started with. It's far more difficult to do than RS because it has more panels and is painted in aquarels. I did 4 pages than decided to concentrate on RS. Doing both wouldn't have worked out.
TMS is my longterm plan. Both, A&A and RS were created to improve my skills for the upcoming challenge of TMS.
TMS is a long, dark and sad storyline I have in my mind. It requires good writing and drawing skills, which I just don't have at this point. I hope, that I can start it at some point in the near future.

About my characters: I use a studio system. This means, that well known figures from my comic can appear in a different role in another. I treat them as actors.
For example: You know my avatar. You may associate it with me (that's its purpose), but this long-nosed guy you see there has actually no resemblance with me. It's Norman, one of my oldest comic characters. I chose him, because I like him so much and he has no comic himself.
The assistant and the groupie are actually characters I created to be the main characters in TMS (that's why they are drawn in another style). Their characters will be very different in TMS , but they will look the same. Don't get confused. If TMS starts, I plan to lay every other project on ice, so no one gets confused, but that are plans for the future...

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